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A Special Visit

Marine Private, Brian Levitzki, recently visited students at Grant School. Brian, a graduate of Grant School, spoke about what it is like to be a Marine. He discussed the importance of how working hard helped him achieve his goals. The students also learned how collaboration and team work are crucial for anyone in the military. Thank you for your service Mr. Levitzki!
Outstanding Owls

Outstanding Owls

Congratulations! These Grant School students have been nominated by their classroom teachers for their outstanding citizenship!
Playground Balls

Thank you Women's Club of Dumont

A big thank you to The Women's Club of Dumont for donating $100.00 to the students of Grant School. Due to their generosity each classroom received new playground balls to be used during recess. The students greatly appreciated this very kind gesture!
Native American Project

Very Special Native American Projects

All fifth grade students began the school year learning about Native American cultures and beliefs. To further understand, students could choose to create a Totem Pole or a Kachina Doll. Totem Poles represent symbols of the natural world, while Kachina Dolls were an important symbol for the Hopi people. Great job fifth grade!
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Our Mission

The Mission of the Dumont School District is to be the center of learning and inspiration for the community and our children. We are committed to developing and sustaining a partnership with all stakeholders that provides a quality education in both formal and informal settings for all students. Our purpose is to ensure that individuals become life-long learners and have the opportunity to maximize their potential to become productive and responsible members of society.