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Key Communicator Information


Key Communicator Mission Statement

The concept of key communicators was developed with the intent of establishing a network of individuals familiar with the school and the district willing to disseminate information and data to the community. The key communicators will meet, on a regular basis, with the school administration to discuss and examine important matters relevant to the education and well being of students, to insure that all information is correct and accurate, and to establish a system that clearly communicates this information to the community.

Key Communicator Guidelines

  1. Membership - There will be a "core group" of key communicators consisting of no less than 10 members and no more than 20 members per school.
  2. The Building Principal will ask for volunteers to submit their names if they are interested in serving as a key communicator. If interested, please contact your Principal. If the number of volunteers exceeds the maximum number of members, selection will be on a first come basis.
  3. Times and dates of meetings will be posted on the district Web site.